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The Stansel brothers, Kirk, Guy & Bobby, (Terry's stepsons) are the owners.

The “Stansel Boys” as they are known grew up fishing on Lake Calcasieu. Kirk, Guy and Bobby Joe the stepsons of Terry Shaughnessy found their passion on the lake and the duck blinds of southwest Louisiana as kids. Terry Shaughnessy founded Hackberry Rod & Gun in 1975 and he turned the reins over to “The Boys” in 1998. Since then Hackberry Rod & Gun has grown to be the largest charter fishing operation on the gulf coast. Their commitment to customer service, quality growth and knowledgeable employees continues to be the driving force each day. Come visit “the boys” soon and experience a hunting or fishing trip that you will never forget.

Captain Brett Stansel

Brett is the son of Kirk and Lanette Stansel. He was raised in Hackberry on Lake Calcasieu at the knee of his dad. In 2010 Brett graduated from McNeese St. with a Wildlife Management degree. Since then he has been working fulltime and enjoys what he is doing as much as anyone. Brett is working on getting more involved and furthering his knowledge is the business. He enjoys meeting new people and sharing his knowledge on the outdoors.

Captain Buddy Oakes

Known as “Pooh Buddy”. He has his own private beach located in a very remote part of big lake. Buddy has been fishing Lake Calcasieu for over 25 years. He spends most of his time CONFINED TO THE OFFICE but manages to get out on the water pretty regular. If you see him WORKING out on the water it's because we are in a real bind!

Captain Bobby Stansel

Bobby began fishing at Hackberry Rod & Gun 25 years ago. Bobby’s wife Tila heads up our food, beverage and house keeping dept. At 6’6” Bobby wishes he could play basketball but believe me he is one of the best fishermen on the lake. His dry humor and quick wit will keep you on your toes.

Captain Jake Darnsteadt

Jake grew up in the Vinton and Sulphur area. He has been guiding for over 14 years now. As a kid he was raised in the outdoors and is an avid fishermen and duck hunter. Jake's great

attitude and smile puts him right at the top of the list. He has the ability to fix anything and enjoys using heavy equipment.

Captain Paul Deshotel

They call me the "fireman" that's my name!! Paul is a full time fire fighter and has spent many years guiding part time. His big robust smile will invite you start up a conversation that may take a while to end. Paul loves the water and loves being with the clients he is guiding with. Many clients request Paul if he is not out rescuing someone from a burning building.

Captain Mike Bares

"Sugar Bares" as we call him because he is so sweat. Mike has been guiding with us for a little over five years now. This is Mike's third career. He was an engineer on a submarine in Navy. Mike retired for the Petro Chemical Industry with PPG to become a full time professional fishing guide. His passion for putting people on fish and a smile on their face has made Mike a great asset here at the lodge.

Captain Paul Grindol

Paul grew up in southwest Louisiana and went on to play football for McNeese State University. Paul work in his family business for a few years before turning his focus to guiding. He has been guiding with us for eight years. Captain Paul is a very passionate fisherman who goes over board for his clients. Paul is married to his wife Tera and they have two daughters.

Captain David Darnsteadt

Captain Darney was born in Westlake, LA and soon moved to Gum Cove. He has been hunting and fishing in the area his whole life. Darney has been guiding with us going on 11 years now and is one of the best at what he does. Once Darney steps into the boat he will do whatever it takes to put his people on fish.

Captain Al Winfrey

Al started his career at Hackberry Rod and Gun as the deck hand on the Night Stalker. Al really knows how to take care of his customers and is always waiting on them hand and foot. On Sundays Al enjoys going to church and spending time with family.

Captain Guy Stansel

Captain Guy began his fishing career here at the lodge over 25 years ago. Guys wife Pauline as well as their daughter Kayleigh work here at the lodge. He and his brother Bobby are the tallest of our staff and he can see the fish for miles. Guy is very laid back and reminds you of a person picking out peaches at a produce stand.

Captain Buzz Stansel

The father and mentor of “The Boys” Buzz is the leader of the pack. At 75 years old he can out fish, out hunt and out work most everyone here. From his modest home here in Hackberry he manufactures hand made knives and heads up the southwest headquarters for the manufacturing of the legendary Hackberry Hustler baits. His master’s degree in bait making has earned him the title of “Master Baiter”

Captain Aaron Stephens

“Nooks” as he is known in these circles and to his customers is one of our part timers. Raised in Sulphur Louisiana “Nooks” has fished and hunted this area all of his life. One of the really true sportsmen left in the area he will eat ANYTHING. It is rumored that in his younger days he spent 2 weeks in the marsh eating nothing but the eyelids and gums of raccoons he trapped. Personally I don’t believe it. Maybe the eyelids but not the gums.

Captain Jimmy Deason

Captain Jimmy has been guiding at Hackberry Rod and Gun since 1981. We call him "Paw Paw". Jimmy is very well respected in the industry and could probably a trout or redfish in a bathtub. You can always tell when Jimmy has had his morning fix of Geritol and a shot of five hour energy! All Systems are going to be pointing on GO!

Captain Kirk Stansel

Captain Kirk has been guiding at the lodge for over 25 years. Kirks wife, Lanette and son Brett all work here at the lodge. Even in poor conditions Kirk seems to always find the fish. Just like his brothers, Kirk is very active in community projects such as Ducks Unlimited, CCA as well as many industry organizations.

Captain Jason Broussard

Jason has been the captain of the Legendary NIGHT STALKER since 2008. In 2007 he came to us with the desire to work on the Night Stalker. He spent that summer as the deckhand learning all about the night life on the water. After that summer of work he made up his mind that he wanted operate this boat full time. Jason is the best at what does. Jason is very easy to get along with and puts a smile on peoples face each and every night. He has taken off more fish and baited more hook than anyone around.

Zach Mitchell

Zach is one of the best young fishermen on the lake. Learning how to fish at the knee of his dad Cain for many years and Zach has blossomed out big. Zach attends McNeese State University and is majoring in business, Bio Chemistry, Constitutional Interpolation and girls. If you are not sure of the word interpolation……. it is a method of constructing new data points within the range of a discrete set of known data points.  These college boys are smart. Zach was an all everything baseball player at Sulphur high school but he decided on a fishing scholarship at Hackberry Rod & Gun before entering college. Zach is a great asset to our family here at the lodge.

Boco Leger

 Captain Bo and his wife Vickie live in Sulphur just north of Hackberry. He has been guiding hunting and fishing trips here at the lodge for years. Boco always has a smile on his face and will have a long list of Boudreaux and Thibodeaux jokes for your entertainment.

Anthony Busceme

Anthony was born in Beaumont Texas. He grew up hunting and fishing with a true love for the outdoors. After a stint in the Marine Corp and the mortgage banking business Anthony got smart and turned to hunting and fishing for his career. Anthony and his wife Tricia live in Dequincy Louisiana just a little north of Hackberry where she and her family own and operate Nichols Sporting goods.

Darrell Guidry

Captain Darrell is one of the few long time Hackberry natives that guides for us here at the lodge. He has been fishing and hunting this area since before he can remember. Darrell is as nice and easy going as they come. He is a hard fisherman and has no problems making friends on the boat.

Travis Spicer

Travis is 24 and has been fishing since before he could walk. He has been guiding now for four years. Travis went to the big school of Hackberry. He grew up working in his family's business at the local Spicer and Hughes Marina. Travis is married to Haley with one son and another on the way.

Trey Daugereaux

Trey was born and raised in Vinton, LA and graduated from Sulphur High School. He grew up fishing and hunting in the local marshes. Trey spent 14 years as a professional fire fighter. He has been a hunting guide since 1991 and started fishing Calcasieu about 10 years ago. He now lives in hackberry and enjoys working for the lodge. Trey is very patient and enjoys hunting and fishing with kids.

Kevin Augustine

Kevin started working for Hackberry Rod and Gun as a captain on the Night Stalker. He did that for a couple of summers and decided to turn his focus toward the daylight hours. Kevin has a good attitude and tries as hard as anyone out there. When Kevin is not on the water he is usually

Avery Cherry

Avery was born in Houston TX and raised in East Texas and has been fishing since he could walk and hunting from the age of 6.  Avery began a bass fishing career at a very young age. Avery was 12years old when he made his first trip to Hackberry Rod and Gun. It was that day that changed his fishing focus. The saltwater entered his veins and has been fishing in hackberry ever since. Avery even used some of his own savings to help build a family camp in Hackberry. It is now like home. Avery’s passions are fishing, duck hunting, deer hunting and sharing it with others especially children, Kids become attached to him quick because of his character, big heart and patience. Avery is going to college in Lufkin TX and living a life that most would be envious of. There are no secrets he has two priorities school and guiding here at the lodge. Come see Avery when you get a chance

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Brent Slusher


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